Bill Griffith
Technically, the sculptural works shown are constructed using stoneware clay, incorporating both altered wheel thrown forms and/or slab constructed forms. The majority of the works are fired in wood burning kilns for 24-72 hours. The surfaces, colors and marks on these forms are the results of flames striking the pieces, natural ash deposits melting on the surfaces or from stacking or placing other pieces either on top of each other or next to each other in the kiln.

My sculptural works have evolved from a series called “Dwellings”, which take reference from non-pedigreed ancient architecture, namely that of Native American Anasazi, Japanese Haniwa, Mayan and Incan.

The beauty and strength of the exterior arch form is juxtaposed to the mystery and intrigue of the protected quiet interior spaces. For me, the work reflects the inward sense of need for dwelling space we all have within us.